Garry's mod is dying.

Has anyone noticed that the views for each Garry’s mod sub forum have been steadily dropping? I was a lurker in 2007 and the Lua scripting forum had around 200 viewers constantly and maps had 100 viewers constantly.

Jeez it seems like people only agree when they see other posters agreeing with me, in this case, Cooper’s post.

It’s true. I have also noticed it.

Well Garry’s Mod isn’t exactly new anymore. 2006/2007 was when GMod 10 came out and everybody was all excited and making new cool content etc. By no means is it dying, though. The excitement is just wearing off.

I’ve been a lurker forever.

It sure is dead for me, mostly because of the playerbase. Almost all of my friends have also stopped playing as well, so there’s really no incentive for me to play anymore.

The playerbase has changed, especially with the inclusion of toybox making it easier for people to upload, create and download all kinds of things. I feel it’s become more about posing and movie making and roleplaying rather than construction.

Nah, I still build from time to time.
Being able to take an air-boat, some doors, about 15 thrusters, and a propeller then turn it into an airplane still makes me smile.
I mean it was mainly made for building and posing, so why wouldn’t you use it for that?

Didn’t you get the memo? Garry’s Mod is all about roleplaying and making laggy generic PHX/Wiremod/E2 hologram creations. Nobody builds creative things or poses anymore. That’s asinine to even think Garry’s Mod should be used like that.

he’s right.

I don’t think gmod is dying… at least not yet. There are many different game modes and I still see most servers with people on them. I’d say its dying when servers start to disappear, no new addons are created and game updates stop being released. Garrysmod is still fun, Henry Townsh has a point most of the excitement is dying off but Garrysmod is a game mostly maintained by the community so I see it sticking around for a while. Although some things have gone down hill … i don’t see it dying off yet.

I only see people playing DarkRP and TTT

Those are the many of those yes ):
But there have been other game modes developed for garrysmod. There are a few such as SpaceBuild, Zombie RP, Zombie Escape, GMStranded (which i know is not too popular anymore but there are still some servers.), Other Fretta game modes besides TTT, Sled Build, and hey who knows there may be some new ones in the future.

By no means is it dying, at all. Different forum views don’t dictate its activity.

I found out GMod was dying a bit ago, Although there is something we can salvage, We can hopefully host a gmod nostalgia event once everything is done.


It’s not just going to ‘collapse’ like you guys are mentioning, like an MMO will. People will be playing this game 5-10 years from now, provided Garry doesn’t release something for any new shit Valve releases.

the thing is though, garry’s mod literally has no point to it anymore. it’s not fun anymore because 1. sandbox is (like Justice said) nothing but people making dumb wire contraptions, 2. most people play DarkRP servers which are so fucking magnificently boring and 3. it’s completely unoriginal anymore.

no one builds anything, no one is creative, nothing about garry’s mod is unique/stands out. it is just so flat out boring now.

don’t give me those dumb disagree ratings, you know I’m right.

I see your point and I can agree, alot of things about garrysmod went down hill, but there are still good things and no matter what people will still play it … its a game where you can do anything. New things may come to GMod hopefully for the better. If enough people wanted to change it I am sure they could, the game is ran by the community, if people make some new and interesting addons, gamemodes etc…, if server hosters would run a variety of gamemodes and if the players become more original instead of just copying dupes and e2s etc. Its a long shot and it may not happen but you never know.

Precisely why I’m not going to play anymore. It’s never going to happen. I actually had a fairly large gamemode in planning and some coding work done but after awhile I realized it was just going to fall on deaf ears and completely waste away under the millions of DarkRP servers.

Maybe some new and interesting game modes could pull players away from DarkRP, my personal thought for a gamemode maker is make a public release, I don’t like certain gamemodes that are private to one server community, ultimately its their choice and I can see why some would not want to make their gamemodes public, but for smaller servers and community’s it gives a variety choices and allows us to host decent gamemodes instead of hosting to something like DarkRP. But on the other hand another gamemode that takes off like DarkRP will have the same effect and some time later we will all be saying the same thing.

I wish there would be some new gamemodes for the rest of us who do not enjoy RP (I may be wrong here, maybe I have not noticed them). As for TTT, I have not played it much so I cannot say anything about it, I have noticed many TTT servers though, which may not be a good thing.