Garry's Mod is Just Awesome.

Based on Discovery’s “The World is Just Awesome” song/video.

It’s a link due to the large size.

their eyes…

that was actually kinda cool. since i saw that commercial before and sang it in my head like that

Yeah character’s eyes for me have been pure black pretty much.

It was the same thing on my old laptop.

What does this have to do with gmod?

Oh and

“What does this have to do with gmod?”

It was made in Gmod? Are you honestly that dumb?

Anyway, thanks for ruining all my work by showing a video of the same concept, jackass.

i likes this,
were did you get the skins for the fear atc guys in the first picture?

I don’t really remember, I was looking through my Garry’s Mod folder for a astronaut-like model and that was there.