Garry's Mod Is Messed Up since last Update (160-161)

Since the last update, my whole Garry’s Mod is messed up. Sounds, textures, decals, particles and etc.

Things I have tried to fix it, (None of the worked)
Unmounting this games:

  • Left For Dead 1 and 2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Alien Swarm
  • All of the mountable games that came with Update 160

Uninstalling all my Addons.

reinstalling Gmod.

Pictures (This are examples of the messed up decals)

Regular shot decal:

Man hack slash decal… ( I stil ldon’t understand how what blood has to do with man hack slash… But its GMod…)

This is what happened to the regular blood decal:

This is what happened to the iron decal ( When you shoot an iron prop or whatever)

Yellow blood is messed up completely…

This is what happens when you shoot a sand or grass, ( And again like man hack slash, it makes no sense…)

What The Fuck Happened To GMod?

disable any mods you’re using, remove the bad one(s)

I did.

the custom hud is a mod too

Lol I tried it… Also I found the problem, First Disable this games: Left For Dead 1 and 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Alien Swarm. Then close Garry’s Mod and verify Garry’s Mod Files. Then open Garry’s Mod and have fun! (Never check those games until Garry fixes them!)

Yeah, unmounting only works if you restart Gmod.

No but you have to verify the files too.

I was talking about unmounting in general.


oh F**K update 160-161

its made posing a REAL pain!!!

Have you tried re-mounting CSS?

I know this is off topic, but I have a question. So, I join in on a Gmod DarkRP Server thinking I’m going to do some fun RP, well, that didn’t work out. None of my function keys were doing what I wanted, like when I went to buy a door with F2, it’d just turn the brightness down instead, please tell me how to fix this. Thank you.

Your FN key is pressed on your laptop.