Garry's Mod is not working nor Gmod 9 as replacement

Hello, I’d like to ask you for a help, because I’ve been getting pretty miserable since this early morning.

Today I wanted to start up Gmod 13, however, it showed up a loading screen and crashed afterwards. So I unsubribed some addons, same thing. So I reinstalled this damn thing TWICE-- same thing. Subscribing to beta testing didn’t help either. Last reported working state was on 18th October, when I was playing on one server this day.

Then I decided to finally turn on my brain (after those years) and use my common sense: ,I can just use old good Gmod 9 for a while. Right?"

So I downloaded Gmod 9(0.4) from and installed it. When I started up Gmod9, it showed me a black screen and when I pressed Start to bring up Start menu, It showed me this message: “Can’t find backround image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf”

Okay, then I downloaded Half-Life 2 Beta, copied console_background.vtf and .vmt from it’s materials/console directory and put into Gmod 9’s directory, then renamed both of these files to startup_loading.vtf/.vmt and fired up again. This time, it crashed again with this message: “Could not load library client. Try restarting. If that doesn’t work, vertify the cache.”. (Verifiyng Gmod 9 is impossible, there is no option for that in Steam.)

I’ve tried multiple solutions. Setting hl2.exe on Windows XP compatibility,removing the “bin” folder (as suggested by this support webpage) setting the startup options, installing Source SDK Bases and making own textures for that missing file. No luck, as you can figure out by my miserable writing to you. Just to note, any other Source games work fine.

Which is a shame, to be honest. I wanted to try out these old mods for Garry’s Mod before 13 and speaking of 13, I just want to play my Garry’s Mod! If it will continue this way, I’ve got to download myself Garry’s Mod 12 through The Pirate Bay. Oh, did I mention that I’ve got this version legally and is shared with my brother’s account. I don’t think it’s a problem though. By the way, YouTube is messing up on Firefox as well, but not on IE, Edgy or Chrome. Weird.

Here are my specifications:
PC: Windows 10 64-bit
HDD SAMSUNG SP2504C 250,06 GB (from 2006, from my very first comuter)
HDD WDC WD6400AAKS-00E4A0 640,14 GB (from 2010,HDD where is my GMod located)
CPU Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2,93GHz
Motherboard ANUS P5KPL-AM EPU
Bulid of 2011.

Can you help me in ANY way, please?
Thank you very much,

Kioshi The Koala.
(Please Respond!)

P.S. Please note that I had written the exact question for the Facepunch support. I’ve got answered, however, it was no use, sadly. :disappoint:

Don’t use The Pirate Bay, they put something in it to make you arrested (or so it’s been going around)!

Don’t worry, I just downloaded that HL2 Beta from there, and it’s verified. I didn’t download Garry’s Mod 12 yet, since I’ve got better things to do anyway. :pcrepair:

So any suggestions?