Garry's mod is showing unwanted messages.

A apologize if this has already been posted because I am new to facebpunch and new somewhat new to garry’s mod. When I play garry’s mod right when the level begins many lines appear near the top right side of my screen usually talking about lua files and such. I also downloaded wiremod and everytime I use it there is a never ending list of lines talking about lua files. My question is simple. how do you set these words to not appear on my screen?

It happens when you use certain tools or weapons time to time, it should dissapear fairly quick.

Its not going away. It just keeps saying it over and over when I use wiremod

Try updaiting if you haven’t, might help.

I just checked. It is updated…

If you know what tool causes it, dont use that tool then is all i can say, at least its on the right hand side out of your way.

Its on the whole entire right half of my screen, and very much in my way.

lol, well, that sucks then, mine is never that big when it happens to me, i really dont know what to say from here, hopefully someone else will help post a answer that will solve your problem.