Garrys mod is taking ages to load! why is that?

Since the new update, my garrys mod is slow as hell, I mean, not the game itself, but the map loading, it takes like 5 mins to start a game!, I don’t have many addons if you think that’s the problem, I only have the basic one’s like PHX mod, nuke, etc…
I’m pretty sure it is not my computer, because its new and really good-
CPU- Q6600
Mobo- GA-P35-DS3L
GPU- 8800GT

Thanks alot!

Thats strange. Since the update I seem to load alot faster and mine no longer crashes whilst loading.

hmm =/ mine is going really really slow aswell, like when you atart the game or join a server

Mine also runs slow, but my computer is really outdated, so it’s probably me.

This is really odd. My Gmod loads up so fast now, that I don’t have time to go and get a drink from the kitchen.

mine loads so slow too. I don’t know why. i have an alienware computer and everything loads fast except Gmod.

Try running it with absolutely no addons installed, because to me, that “etc.” could be what’s causing your problem.

I have heard that the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device SWep can cause a long load time, something to do with the portals. Do you have that, perchance?

Personally, my Gmod loads up much faster since the update. I haven’t been playing since about 1-27 or 1-28, though.


And I wish I had your PC. Mine runs gmod okay, though. You have generous parents. I had to buy my own PC (of course, I could have spent more on it, but I needed a laptop, not a desktop, and I really didn’t want to spend $3000+ - I got this when the Q-cores had just come out, and a 6600 was about $1000 just by itself)

My specs:
AMD Turion 64X2
1GB DDR2 (533)
Nvidia GeForce Go 7300 128MB(which there are no driver updates for - damn you Nvidia :argh:)

redking, you are lucky to have that laptop. When I was getting a laptop(not a computer), my parents would only buy up to 300-500 dollars. And this one is way worse than yours, I don’t even have 512 MB RAM because my fucking ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series takes 64 MB from my 512 MB RAM.

Still, I can only run Gmod on Medium/low, and it takes a while to load. Found out the Portal Gun SWEP does add more time because it creates both portal renders. Silgor, try playing the game WITHOUT addons. That means no PHX, Nuke, any addon you installed. If that goes slow, then I got no idea whats wrong.

I have had a complete gmod reinstall. I deleted the GCFs and the folders. Then restarted steam. Re-downloaded garrys mod. Now when i load it up, i could leave it waiting for a good 20 mins to load to the main screen with no addons and it will not work. Before the update garry released today, i could play a game ok, but it was very choppy. My FPS said i was at 70-150, but it was really choppy on the screen.

Besides that, i can’t even load GMod now.

My GMod loads kinda slow too. I’m pretty sure i have a perfectly fine PC because i can run everything on high and still have good fps. The worst thing is that when I’m using wire, just creating a few wire parts and wiring them together will make the fps go way down when I’m looking toward the contraption. When I’m looking away from it, my fps is fine. When I’m looking at the wire contraption, the frame rate isn’t constantly low. It goes down and up. It’s not what the fps numbers say, it’s what it looks like.

Does anybody get this screen when Gmod loads?

we all do. It’s probably doing that because Gmod now has to initialize the HL2 content,

Ehh…I don’t get that screen. I’d advise a reinstall of G-mod if you are getting that.

I see no problem at all, your maps load, and the game runs fine. We all take a while to load, I often get up to do something while I wait.

clean up your addons folder and it should run smoother

I get that screen too. but only when I run widescreen. I get the old one when I run 4.3

I suppose that’s because there’s no widescreen startup picture…

i have slow startups too, but my friend has the same addons and computer as me ,and his takes 20-30 seconds!

Garry’s Mod loads really slow for me too. Try updating some stuff on your computer. Also I have tons of addons and each one makes it load a little slower so try deleting un-needed files,

Mine seems to always freeze for a good five minutes after I’m done downloading all the needed files from any server.