Garrys mod isnt working at all

i was downloading a bunch of addons and what not for g mod but recently after i downloaded a bunch of stuff but this message came up. Steamstartup() failed: Steamstartup(0xf,0x0028E0F4) failed with error 1: failed to take master pipe connection lock. what does this mean and how do i fix it?

The morality is smthing like “Dont mess with Garry, Bubby !”

Try to delete everything in /addons or reinstall the gm

Hey that is not this error that comes for everyone…
I have semi-crash and somebody has unlimited loading. But nobody has “pipe connection error” right now so it is a bit different

If gmod was working normally, you would simply restart Steam to fix that error.

Keep it in this post lol, and what is causing it is a engine update broke all source games but some have been patched like CSS, TF2 and some more GMOD hasnt been patched though

No, it isn’t. That is an unrelated error. But the solution is already in the thread to this problem which is restart Steam. However, the problem which everyone else is having will then manifest, meaning there isn’t much point!