Garry's mod Items ERROR

So i got garry’s mod for quite a long time and you really need counter strike to get all the items because like 50% of all the items i see are Errors.
I don’t have money at the moment to buy Counter Strike so i need someone to like get all the items from counter strike and put it somewhere in my steam folder so i won’t see the Errors anymore.

Question: Does anyone know how to remove all Errors without buying Counter Strike?

thanks :smiley:

Um we aren’t allowed to do that

so if you have GMOD then why doesnt your steam profile show you having it…

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and you have CSS on your steam you dunkass

You don’t have GMod.

Guessing [sp]it’s a warez version[/sp] of GMod. Wild guess, though.

Facepinch Studios does not support pirates, just buy Gmod and it will work

I have Garry’s mod. I don’t know why it shows up in my inventory. my steam account is wrong. My steam account is ‘Xources’. I did it wrong sorry. But i have garry’s mod but i don’t have CS:S.

Here the screenshot :

It seems like you have CS:S on ur acc “icon” but not in xources
On “icon” You have CS:S But No gmod but CS:S on ur acc xources

ur an idiot he doesnt own that account he linked it rong

You will not get the CSS content from us and probably anyone else, so there’s nothing to do but buy it.

Get the content via SRCDS, just install a CSS server locally, and copy it over, not sure how much of it SRCDS actually has, but it’s gotta be better than none.

It’s a CHEAP GAME! Buy it!

I’m buying it as soon as i get home from my holiday :smiley: