Garry's Mod Jurassic Park

This is a remake of my first ever machinima (except it doesn’t suck as much…)

Did a pretty bad job on the zooming shots but otherwise good.

Yeah. I would have done better…but catmull cameras are broken.

That wasn’t very good… Some improvements:

  • Thrusters on rag dolls are not interesting nor do they add to the video. Get some actors to come in or get npcs to walk around.
  • The video is very laggy, either turn down the graphics or get a better pc.
  • Most of your shots are boring and uninteresting. Try and choose shots that will keep the viewer interested. Instead of a straight on shot of something, do a shot from the side of him with the camera slanted slightly. It changes it up and will keep people watching.
    -The lip syncing was bad and could be greatly improved. Either slow down the video so it matches or drag the song around so it does.
    -Your zooming shots were ok… Some didn’t make sense or didn’t do anything to add to it.

I give it a 1/5

But these are just my opinions, so take what you want from it.

Not bad, It just seemed to… Like a person was filming it. Not a camera-man. You should download the Catmull- Cinematic Carma-Rom Stool.
It makes it seem more smooth that way. Hope this helped.



I noticed some raptors floating in midair “chasing” red hoodie man. You could try building a car or taking an existing car and welding the dinosaurs’ torsos (you can weld things from as far away as you want, it doesn’t have to be touching) to it, as well as RHM. You can then weld the camera to the car (looking on the raptors of course, but obviously, you yourself shouldn’t be in the shot), turn the car invisible (by using the color tool), and drive the whole rig around to get a moving shot.

Anyway, that’s one way to do it and to be honest I only got GMOD myself a couple weeks ago, so I am not the most experienced.

I know. I was trying out X-fire just for the heck of it. Source Recorder kills space.


At the time I made this, Catmull was broken. I have it.



Use wegame.