Garry's Mod, Just one little Glitch I found...

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Has anyone noticed when you do this script:

-novid -heapsize 5048576 -width 640 -height 840 -freq 60 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -mat_dxlevel 80 -exec autoexec.cfg -dxlevel 80 +map_background none -64bit mat_queue_mode 2 -num_edicts 2047 +host_threaded_mode 2

and put the video settings to the lowest settings, the text for "Connecting to server…’
it comes out in spawn icons!

PS, I’m a noob here, so how do I post pictures of the glitch?


-AMD Turion 64 x2 @2.5 GHz
-4 GB Ram
-nVIDIA GeForce 7000m (256MB @20 FPS)
-Do I really need specs here >_>

To post the image simply use image tags. So Upload the picture to a website, and Ill use an example

direct link here

dude how bored were you to figure this out?


He ment how were you bored enough that you were playing around with settings then found that…

I don’t think he went hunting for the glitch.

I think he had his settings that way, and then found the bug…

The issue might be your low video settings, not sure though.

No no… It just changes the font to “Spawn Icons” in HL2.
Let me delete it and see what happens.

It’s the font, I guess Garry screwed up there.


Now lock this thread.