Garry's Mod Kart Race 2017

Welcome to the Garry’s Mod 2017 Small Kart Race!

After taking notice of all the rally-related drama plaguing the community at the moment,
I thought I’d give everyone a break - a fun little go kart event that’s easy to enter and
hopefully entertaining for all involved.

I’m hoping that with this event I can at least somewhat bring everyone together to have
a little fun in between the GMod National Rallies.

Please try to keep drama out of this event, I’m trying my hardest to keep it from being associated
with any one community by hosting it on my own private server.

The rules are going to be similar to the previous event like this (Carcon du Karte), with a few changes.


  • Your kart’s physical props may not exceed the size of a 48x78 SProps plate. Parented NON ACF props can exceed this limit.

  • This event is not limited to traditional go karts! Want to build a shopping cart on wheels? A motorized cooler? Go ahead!

  • Please, no rectangles on wheels. Try to put in at least some effort into your design.

  • Props only, no PAC/pre-made holo bodies.

  • Maximum 4 wheels, minimum 3.

  • Maximum wheel size 15.

  • Maximum 100 props/holos (combined total).

  • Minimum weight is 100kg.

  • You may have front wheel steer or rear wheel steer, but not both.


  • Your kart must be ACF ONLY

  • This event is for very light weight, small, and generally “home made” looking go karts, so we’re only going to allow you to use ONE ***125cc or ***250cc single cylinder engine.

  • Your gearbox must have no more than 4 speeds. CVTs are allowed. ACF Extras “tiny” gearboxes are allowed.

  • Rear wheel drive only. Engine placement can be anywhere on your kart provided it’s within the 48x78 limit.

  • E2s or Starfall chips that modify physics or apply force to your kart in any way are against the rules.

  • The exceptions is propInertia on the non rotational axis of your wheels, and on your base plate.

  • No drag E2s will be tested for and removed.

  • Wheels must not have a physical property grippier than phx_tire_normal (NO RUBBERTIRE/RUBBERTIRE2)

  • Fuel is not required but highly recommended if you want to be fast!



  • Disable collisions on your kart. This is a no-contact race.

  • Don’t try to cheat the rules. All karts are going to be inspected before, during, and possibly after the race if we see anything sketchy.

  • No, we’re not going to inspect your E2s. Just because I know that some of you will complain.

  • Don’t try to find loopholes that will give you a massive advantage. Not sure if it’s allowed? Ask me!


  • propDrag is illegal
  • 125cc allowed

You will be racing your kart around upstatespeedway for 10 laps with 4 to 6 other players at the same time. An E2 will be recording
each lap, and at the end of your 10 laps the fastest of those 10 will be saved. DON’T GIVE UP IF YOU MESS UP! You have 10
laps to set a good time, surely you’ll set at least one decent lap.

Map: gm_upstatespeedway-657625
Server: My private event server. IP and password to be posted on the day of the event.
Date: The weekend of February 11-12th
Time: TBA

To enter, do the following:
*- Post the name of your kart

  • Post a screenshot
  • Join the group linked above
  • Post your steam URL*

Have a question? Ask in the thread and I’ll add it here!

Q: Can we use 125cc engines.
A: Yes.

Q: Do we need gearboxes or is a straight belt to the axle fine
A:Straight belt is fine.

Q: Is suspension alowed
A: Yes.

Q: Can we be intoxicated on the event
A: Yes :smug:

Q: Are we allowed to bring beer & goon
A: Most definitely yes.

Q: Is having a 4 speed gearbox with all forward gears then having a transfer case with forward/reverse ok?
A: Yes.

Thank you for taking the time to consider entering this event. I hope everything goes well, many people enter, drama is
avoided, and that most importantly, all of you…

Name: Minty Fresh

Notes:Minty Fresh

Name: Quarter Midget


Notes: we better be doing oval track racing or imma lynch you

Name: Maximum Overdrive

Name : Scrapyard Special

This looks amazing. looking forward to seeing more from you.

Are there limitations to engines or hp/ton ratio?

Also I should probably post my own entry, so here it is:

Kart Name: Acacius Mk1


Propinertia is a valuable asset when used correctly, and removing air drag is a cheat. Don’t be like buuf’s dankbuild community. They had a cart race and the winner had a setposing chassis, and they ok’d that.

I was actually just testing and yeah I’m allowing prop inertia on* base plates* and on the non-rotational axis of the wheels now. [del]Regarding air drag, unless there is a way to check for people removing air drag via E2s, there’s no point in making a rule about it as people will do it anyways.[/del] You must now use stock prop drag.

Wow! I don’t actually know how to build a kart (but i would love to learn!) so can I come and watch?

when gmod screenshot is so good it doesn’t even look like gmod anymore

Kart Name - AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI[/t] [t][/t]

[t][/t] [t]

Q: Can we use 125cc engines.

Q: Do we need gearboxes or is a straight belt to the axle fine

Q: Is suspension alowed

Q: Can we be intoxicated on the event

Q: Are we allowed to bring beer & goon

  1. Yes.
  2. Straight belt is fine.
  3. Yes.
  4. Yes :smug:
  5. Most definitely yes.

Question: Can I marshal for this event with a flag e2 and if so, tell me where to be on the track for the days.

Hey cheez do you mind if i change my entry? I’m working on a more manageable, less understeery kart. Also, can i use torque vectoring ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Is having a 4 speed gearbox with all forward gears then having a transfer case with forward/reverse ok?

[del]That seems a bit excessive, try to keep your driveline as simple as something like engine -> 4 speed gearbox/CVT/differential -> maybe a differential if you have a weird setup -> wheels.[/del]
Go ahead[/t][t][/t]


It’s literally what you just described except the transfer is acting like a differential with an option for forward/reverse.

Just tested that engine differential wheels thing. It’s actually not as awful as you might think but you really suffer on the hills of the course and your top speed is problematic if you lower your gears to climb said hills.


Actually, if you replace the diff with a transfer it’s not too bad since you get a gear for low torquey stuff like the hills and a speed gear for the top and downhills. I might switch to that simply for weight savings.

Actually I just thought… it’d be the same as just having 4 forward speeds except you get reverse… no advantage unless you have some kind of kart that can handle perfectly at full speed in reverse AND forwards so yeah go ahead