Garry's Mod keeps Crashing. (need help Desc inside)

Hi, im having some problems with Garry’s Mod… Whenever i start it up it gets to the loading screen with the guy putting a cone over the other guys head… but then it crashes and sais ‘hl2.exe has stopped working’ Any help please?! Ive never been able to get onto G-Mod and yes i do have Half Life 2… P.S Hl2 also crashes, but it loads and then minimizez then i cant maximize it again, and screen stayes in big resolution.

I would love some help!!
Kind Regaurds

Link to steam account?

Computer specs?

Wait, wait, wait.

Thats an old Background. Either you are a :pirate: or you are using Gmod 9.

Sorry im a bit ov a noob, how? =/

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256 Ded ATI grpahs, 2ghz pentium dual core, win vista home prem 130Gb HDD

1, please use correct spelling and grammar in here.
2, It’d be useful to have your graphics card model, not only the amount of memory it has.

Im not sure what model my Graphics card is, but its inside the Dell studio 1737… Ati Radion =/ sorry i cant be of much use… i would like to point out, that i have got HL2 and Lost coast and episodes one and two and they work, but only half life and Gmod will not load up! i have no clue why… I got The Orange Box pack with TF2… and then bought G-mod HL2 doesnt load and niether does G-mod… they both say HL2 has stopped working…

Much regaurds

Hey nicolomas

Don’t sign your posts.


Please guys i would just like some help here…

Post full computer specs
No post signing needed
Why does your thread title say “(desc inside)” it pretty obvious
Post your god dammed computer specs!

Also give us your steam profile link, you can do this by simply going into your steam.exe, hitting the community tab then copy and pasting the link from your profile page

EDIT: Sorry for the overly large image there. didn’t realise how big it is and I sorta deleted the one on my PC so I can’t swap it for a smaller