Garrys mod keeps crashing

hi guys i recently bought garrys mod on steam, and when i launch it it keeps crashing over and over again, so i went to steam and looked on how to fix it I did all 3 steps for the mac, and when I did everything I opened steam, and then launched garry’s mod, It kept crashing, I own a mac and I dont know what to do to fix this, i gave 4 dollars for this game and It doesnt even launch for me :frowning:

MacOS version of the game is broken, buy an actual computer or wait for Garry to fix it.

how long would it take Garry to fix it?

No idea, chances are relatively soon, within a month hopefully, but there’s no real idea when it’ll happen.

Did you try removing your “program files (x86)” folder?

jk jk don’t do that.

Just wait it out; I know it sucks when this happens.