Garry's Mod keeps repeatedly crashing on one server...

It seems like when it’s a new day, I can join the server once. But when I try to join it again on the same day, it crashes. I have no idea what’s happening, here’s the crash log:

I know this isn’t helpful, but i am having the same issue as you, it seems to be linked with Awesomium. As both mine and your dumps both crash on ‘Initializing Awesomium…’

If i find a fix, ill let you know.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Delete awesomium.dll in c:\windows\system32

Umm… what? Do you mean in garrysmod/bin? 'Cause I deleted all the awesomium related stuff, verified the integrity of Garry’s Mod and it still doesn’t work…

Ok, I’ve come to the last resort of re-installing the whole game. Let’s see if it works…

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I’ve re-installed the game, re-downloaded all the addons and it’s still not working!

Umm… anyone going to help?

i got this problem: (Server uses different class tables) …

Delete C:\windows\system32
Delete system32 or system64. As its conflicting with awesomium. It’s setting internet explorer to default which breaks awesomium(its a light web browser that chrome uses). That internet is by default and wont let it start. So it tries to start awesomium over and over tills it works. Which will eat up all your memory and result gmod crash.

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Are you in beta?

Delete system32? Are you freaking kidding me?! Are you trying to get me to destroy my PC?!

Ok, it was fine for a while, but now it’s starting to do this again! I have to wait for about a day without trying to connect before it’ll let me on!

As stated before, are you in the Garry’s Mod Beta Mode?

Icejjfish was talking to Brianso, and no I’m not.

Is anyone going to help?

Ofcourse not… :tinfoil: heheheh

I honestly don’t wanna wait a day each time I want to play on this server…

Ok, is anyone gonna help?

I guess not.

Ok then, let’s see how many bump posts I need to make before someone replies. This one is the forth one.