Garrys Mod Kinect Testing

I finally got Kinect working on the current-but-unreleased version of Gmod, and thought I’d test it out a bit.

Fitting music, It’s always good to laugh.

holy fuck hahahaha


now this just needs to be integrated into SFM

And to release another Kinect with better cameras and less depth-noise that causes jittering

very funny

Thanks guys.

Also: oh. my. GOD.…the things you can do with this.

I just typed a mini rant about it, but I think I’ll make it in a new topic soon here because it’s sort of a different thing. Amazing stuff can happen with this kinect option.

I feel so stupid for not being able to set this up properly.

It seemed to simple but frustratingly broken when I tried. Turned out I installed things in the wrong order. Install Kinect Runtime 1.6 FIRST, before any Kinect drivers are installed. Then install the Kinect SDK (1.6?). Then you should see “Kinect SDK found!” in the console while starting up Garrys Mod SVN (not the current one on steam, assuming you know how to set up the SVN one)

Very cool, though I bet you could fix at least some issues by using a ragdoll that doesn’t collide with itself. I see the kleiner model jittering around quite a bit due to the limbs being too close to each other.

Evidently I don’t, I set shit up in the order you stated yet it that Motion Cap option doesn’t pop up.

That IS what I need! I’ve no knowledge of how to go about making that sort of thing though. Maybe ones exist online already.

This seems useful: (specifically the flag “no self collisions”) But I don’t know how I’d implement that at all. A tool is needed!

Oh…no, the Gmod that’s online now doesn’t have Kinect functionality. I don’t know the jargon, I just toss the word “SVN” around, but there’s a version of the game online, every file, that’s Garry’s up-to-date personal version (?). You need to download this and make it a “mod” for Garrys Mod for steam to see it.

Download the software TortoiseSVN.

Once that’s done, go to your Sourcemods folder in the Steam folder (I forget the heirarchy)

Create a folder there called “garrysmod”.

Right click it, and click SVN Checkout…it’s a new option now that you’ve installed TortoiseSVN (you’ll need to restart your computer OR stop and re-start the explorer.exe process in Windows)

The top text field will ask you for a URL.
Enter this:

Click ok. Wait possibly an hour or more for it to download the entire folder you linked it to online. When it’s done, you should restart steam and see a SECOND Garrysmod game, but with no playtime on it and no set background image. Open that!

That isn’t what I did.

Then…what did you do. You have a perfect working copy of the gmod SVN, set up Kinect Runtime FIRST without it plugged in or any previous kinect drivers, then Kinect SDK 1.6, also without it plugged in…?

Because past that then I have no idea. I just know what I did and that it worked.

I didn’t have the option for the longest time. Finally I went into the Control Panel and uninstalled everything with the word “Kinect” in it, then started from scratch with the runtime, then SDK.

Right well, what you said doesn’t work because gameinfo.txt is in sourcemods/garrysmod/garrysmod/ and it doesn’t detect it there.

this is cool
i’d like to see you sweep props off of a desk with this. that’d be a neat example

It doesn’t detect it there? That makes no sense. I got that error when I erroneously was putting its parent folder in, and not the second garrysmod one

I fucked up the position so I had to walk RIGHT up to the Kinect to hit them, so it was a bit more spazzy than usual.

Is it possible to have two people at once using the kinect and animating two separate ragdolls?