Garry's Mod Kinect Troubleshooting

My Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, well it’s the second one I’ve purchased since I figured the other one was “faulty” but turns out I just wasted my gas to go to Gamestop for nothing.

This Kinect is registered and read fine by my Windows 7 PC. I used OpenNI, NITE, & SensorV2 to install it. All of the drivers are installed as well. Only problem I’m having with it is that Garry’s Mod doesn’t want to detect it. <— At least I think…

The NiViewer (.exe file that came with OpenNI to test if it’s working) has detected it, I can see myself in the Infrared on the left and camera on the right fine. No problem. I can move it’s motors up and down like a charm, as well as activate the LED.

Garry’s mod doesn’t want it to “work” in-game. All I want to do is be able to control a ragdoll and fuck around with people’s drunken combines (teheheheh I know I’m deviate.) <---- GENIUS

When I get in-game, I spawn myself a typical dumb looking Ragdoll, let’s just say for instance I used an Adolph Hitler model. I held the C button and right-clicked to get the drop down menu. I clicked on “Control with Motion Sensor” and the ragdoll just LAYS THERE. Kinect spawns but floats there. Ragdoll lays there like a drunk on a hangover, very PLUMP. I needs help. Prease. Here are a few pictures with captions on my frustration…don’t judge. XD

P.S. Sorry for the big ass pictures :P, 40 inch TV…

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