Garry's Mod Linux Server

Sup people,

Okay anyway, I have recently got a Linux Dedi Box and have a fully running Garry’s Mod server on it.

BUT, whenever I try to install an admin mod. It goes in, but doesnt work.

(I have tried: ULX&Ulib, Evolve, SourceMod (windows), SourceMod(linux), Exsto)

No errors show up…


I have no experience of Linux but one thing for sure is that inside the “garrysmod/” folder, it should be EXACTLY the same as on Windows.

I use Evolve for my server (Going to change into ULX soon though) and I haven’t had any problems with it. Are you sure that you’ve installed it correctly? Just put the Evolve folder in the “garrysmod/addons/” folder. I’ve seen people take out the folders (Materials, models, lua, etc) and put it in the “garrysmod/materials”, “garrysmod/lua”, etc. Just move the Evolve to the Addons folder and that should be done. If that doesn’t work, backup the important files of your server and re-install the server from scratch.

100% Sure

Hmm… Are you sure it isn’t working then? To rank yourself, join the server, type the rcon for the server in the console and write “ev rank YOURNAME owner” if you have Evolve.

Although, ULX should give a message when it is working correctly…

I amnt an idiot. I have. I have restarted it. Shut it down. Let it rest for a week…

Dude, I’m here to help. How could I know if you knew that? Really, if you’re going to be like that to those who tries to help you, you wont get any help at all. I’m done with you.

Sven is right, you shouldn’t respond like that if you actually want help.

And you have the addons installed incorrectly, take a screenshot of the structure.

Apologies, Just pissed that it was easy to fix.

I had installed the Garry’s Mod server on the box in correctly and as such the file structure .

Just give us that screenshot of the structure god dangit -.-