Garry's Mod Lite Roleplay (CGC-Gaming)

Hey Fellas,

If you play Garry’s Mod, and you are into the roleplay gamemode, we are currently running PERP, and there is many friendly admins/players. We are an active community Who hosts Servers all in Australia, and in a wide variety of games such as

-Counter-Strike: Source (
-Garry’s Mod (
-Battlefield 3 (
-Minecraft (

And more to come.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, Our forums are at

We have a teamspeak server, which our staff members are on most of the time to help out new players, and to have a fun chat with them.

Cheers, come have a play at CGC-Gaming!

Yea, there Garrysmod server is probably one off my favourite roleplay servers out there. Keeps me occupied thanks CGC!

Request a mod to move the thread to games in progress so you don’t get banned for not reading the stickies.

i love you