Garrys Mod Little eye bug

I have played Garry’s mod for a long time but I never had any issues like this. When I spawn a Npc it has almost no eye’s. In the console it say’s: Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy) but I have bought the game. It isn’t a ground breaking bug but it’s very annoying. Please Help.

What games do you have mounted?

Games that effect gmod: TF2. All the other games: The Walking Dead season 1/2,Just Cause 2,Skyrim,DayZ,Goat Simulator,Road Redemption,Red Faction Guerilla steam edition,Rust,Worms,Turbo Dismount,Rome 2,Scribblenauts Unlimited. Hope that helps

Thank you so much!