Garrys Mod Loading Issure

Hello, When i Launch up Gmod and load a map Such as “FlatGrass” or any other map for Instance, Well it loads up all the way to the end and just stops and does not Finish loading. i have tried many times to load a map but no Dice, anyone know how i may be able to Fix the issue?

Do you have lots of addons?

Yes i have Quite a few includeing Wire, it gets stuck at Initilizing Game Data or somthing

Could be a addon try reinstalling your gmod or delete some addons.

Hopefully it works, With a Number of 42 Addons / "Yes i know i Mis-Spelled “Issue” on the Title /Fail on me Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun reinstalling it :lol:

post something helpful or stop
my Gmod did this for a while, though when i deleted my phx and wire i was able to play :pcgaming:

i was Able to fix it with out Reinstalling it, it was a map i had that was cuasing the Issue “Dont know how” so i Deleted it an Everything is as it should be.