Garry's Mod loading screen hangs on "Initializing Game Data"

Well, since I’ve been readily equipped with a new graphics card, I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod 10 non-stop.
I download some addon’s and I put them in the folder, and I start up Garry’s Mod about a day ago. None of the text on the start-up screen can be seen, and I have to go into console and press Enter or click off of console to get the text back.
So, I thought this was odd, but didn’t take heed.
When I go to load up any map, like gm_flatgrass or gm_construct, it loads up normally, with the same loading screen, but it always hangs on “Initializing Game Data…”
When I control + alt + delete, it says it’s “Not Responding”.
And it does this enough times to really frustrate me.
So, I figured it was some of those Addon’s, so I take a few of the Addon’s that I had added earlier and try. It doesn’t work.
So, I reinstalled Garry’s Mod, still the same problem.
And, I checked for driver updates. Still has that problem.
Can anyone help me? I’m detoxing.

I have the same thing every time I try to load a save (800+ props). But everything else works fine.

It even happens to me on saves, but it’s a weird thing.
I’ve only gotten gm_flatgrass to work once, and then, I couldn’t spawn any NPC’s or use any of the tools.
And the SWEP’s I had were gone.
It was like I was on a GMod server from Hell. ;-;

Have you tried re-installing? Maybe that would fix it. Or try it without any addons?

I did reinstall it, and I removed some of the Addon’s that I’ve used.
I’ll try removing them all tomorrow and trying that.

I am recieving a problem with a 3D text, but I also sometimes get stuck at the loading screens. Try backing up your important addons and such in a desktop folder, then delete every single gmod10 folder. Steam should automatically place all of the standard GCF’s back into the main Gmod10 folder.

Thank you for all the help, guys. :smiley:

This happens for everyone. It freezes and says that it’s not responding but it is actually loading. Just wait a minute and it will start. Time to wait depends on the ping of the server, mostly. If this is not what happens for you, I mean, if your game freezes completely and you can wait an hour and nothing happens then I can’t help…

Obviously, some of those addons have totally slowed down your computer, and it is very annoying, I understand. BUT, if you are patient, it will work.

before switching to my laptop, I had a really old computer. It used to take ages to load, and if you try to close it, it says it wasn’t responding. but it turns out that it was loading, and that if you let it load, it will work. Just be patient, and wait for the loading screen.

If it doesn’t work after, 10 minutes tops, there is something wrong, and I don’t know what you should do.

Hope this help!!!

did you ever think about removing all the addons because you just said you only removed a couple twice.
I removed all my addons and it got rid of that error.Hope this helps

Look at the last post date. Look at his last activity time. I doubt he cares any more/ has this problem any more.

there are a few things you should do before posting in a thread for the first time.

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