Garrys Mod loads up, but refuses to load any maps.

Right, before i tell anyone what’s up with Gmod, i have to tell my specs, right?

Celeron® CPU 2.60 GHz
2.60 GHz. 760 MB of Ram

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Garrysmod has ran many times before. It’s been mediocre, but it manages to run, i mean, i couldn’t ignite anything, or witness explosions. And it crashed a lot. Recently i started playing it again and i was excited to play it. I loaded it up to the start menu. I went onto Single Player, Selected GM_Flatgrass (The only map that works by default. Construct doesn’t) and it started to load. It got to about 99% with just one bar to go, and i heard the sound that goes off when you pick up a gun. And then it repeated over and over, i knew something was up, and then it stopped and froze. I tried ESC, CTRL ALT Delete, Pressing the windows key and nothing. I restarted my Comp, tried again and the same happened.

It used to work, i made sure i had all my updates… So Facepunch, will it work again, or am i wasting my time trying to get it to work. I’m getting a new Laptop (Maybe) in two months and it’s built for gaming. But nevermind it, can i get it to work?

It’s the bad RAM,very,very bad RAM.

Unless an update has moved the amount of RAM used, then i don’t think so.

Which graphics card do you have?

When was the last time you played?

i can almost bet he is running with the stock onboard intel Graphic chip. if he is not then that would be a shock. the old intel graphics chips can and will cause the game not to boot up. seeing you got a P4 2.60ghz CPU you either have a 845 or 865G chipset, both of which could barley run Gmod back before the game engine swap but had issues as well. let alone trying to run it in its current setup. They can barley support DX7 games let alone a DX9 game. have you tried to force dxlevel 8.0 ?

Gmod (or any other game that uses this engine) doesn’t support Directx 7 even when you try to force DXlevel 70 (its not supported anymore) and you will run into massive issues when trying to run that old of a graphics chip with this game. it can work you just have to force dxlevel 80 and hope for the best.

if it still does not work then you are out of luck.

you stated some of your system spec but did not say what your graphics card/chip is.

I might be getting a Gaming Laptop, so i can’t really be assed to fix it. I was just curious as to whether it would run or not. I’ll probably go back to WoW for the remaining two months, then i can start to play Gmod with decent maps, addons and graphics.

I do appreciate the contribution, so thanks for the help. I’ll give DXlevel 8.0 a try, if i can force it and it works i’ll be happy. Thanks for the help everyone.