Garry's mod logo (red)

Very nice.



Looks like a flag o_O

Stop making me want to make a machinima parody of Home Front based on Garry’s Mod :smithicide:

It looks really nice

I like this, good job. :wink:

Hmm, actually it does look like a flag.


Nice looking. We shall wave this flag in battle!

Very nice.

It was really nice. You probably should make it more communistic, if that’s what you were trying to do.

But like I said, it is really nice.


You signed up to post here? Wow. Anyway, welcome to FP.

OP, can you IMG_Thumb that?


*Garry’s mod — our sacred game,
Garry’s mod — our beloved sandbox.
Mighty will-power, great glory
Shall remain your honors for all time! *

nice work!