Garry's Mod Lua Error! Need Help!

Stop stealing code m8t’s also solved.

Please learn Lua before posting, it even tells you what’s wrong, also code tags.

Yeah use code tags make it neater + post the lines what are erroring not the whole lua file

It does but I am not a master of lua…

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The sticky says to post the entire code but if you need it, it’s:

MorbusFinderButton.DoClick = function muudeamorbushack()

You have got a ‘end’ there right? Otherwise that’s whats causing the error

I don’t understand but its the 26 line of the entire code. It should show what you mean.


MorbusFinderButton.DoClick = function muudeamorbushack()


MorbusFinderButton.DoClick = function()

-snip, ninja’d-

So it worked but now I am getting another error but I fixed it but again I got ANOTHER error.

[ERROR] lua/muudeahack.lua:189: unexpected symbol near 'local'
  1. unknown - lua/muudeahack.lua:0

The exact line of code the error is on is:

AimbotButton.DoClick = local function GetBone(ent, bone)

Take what you learned from Robotboy’s tip and apply it there too.

(also remove the ‘local’ part)

I have removed the local part which led to another error.

Alright, now read the first part of my previous post.

I have fixed all the problems just by doing what you have said :slight_smile:
I learned some things aswell so thanks!