Garry's Mod Lua Error

I am currently trying to create a MilitaryRP Server using NutScript plugin. I have everything finalized except that I am receiving a lua error constantly and I cannot figure out the issue. This is what I am receiving.

**[ERROR] gamemodes/nutscript/plugins/crosshair.lua:42: attempt to index global ‘g_ContextMenu’ (a nil value)

  1. v - gamemodes/nutscript/plugins/crosshair.lua:42
  2. unknown - gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/libs/sh_plugin.lua:397**

I have changed everything that I possibly thought could work but nothing has changed. I will give any information needed (that does not risk any security reasons) to help with this issue.

I am not very familiar with nutscript so you’ll have to bear with me.

Is there a module in nutscript that modifies a crosshair?
Because this is the location of the problematic nutscript plugin.


You’ll either have to fix the error or disable it until a nutscript update is released (If that’s a thing)

Yes there is a file to fix that. This is the line that shows the error at…

if (hook.Run(“ShouldDrawCrosshair”) == false or g_ContextMenu:IsVisible() or nut.gui.char:IsVisible()) then

Any idea?

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^ That is the location under 'nutscript/plugins/crosshair at line 42