Garrys Mod mac, Sending client info Crash

When i am joining any server with the map “gm_flatgrass” i crash when i get past “retrieving server info”
I am running a MBP with snow leopard, v10.6.8

Everything works fine in single player, and on MultiPlayer the only map that crashes me is Gm_flatgrass. I really hope you guys address this issue.

Ive tried to defragment the game, verify integrity, ive reinstalled it, removed addons, nearly everything. So if you guys can help that would be great. Oh and ive deleted the lua folder and lua cache.

System Specs? Are there any dumps generated? (check in the dumps folder in the steam directory) If there are any dumps upload them to and post a link to the results.

Sure thing.
Computer specs
MacBook pro core 2 duo 2.53 ghz
nvidia 9600M GT
4 gbs ram
mac osx snowleopard

Odd, i dont have a dumps folder



Valve probably hasn’t made a dump system for Steam on Mac. Also, GMod may not be very good with multiplayer on Mac(considering it was originally made for Windows)

I suggest you wait for an update.

This has been happening to me since I got the game in January for my Mac.