Garry's Mod Machinima - "Hell" - World War 2

Hell Trailer - Garry’s Mod - World War 2 Machinima


This is a trailer for my upcoming machinima, Hell. I decided to create a passive trailer
rather then a bloodbath, as expected. The machinima itself will have alot of action so do not fret. It is following around the American war hero Audie Murphy. No, I am not an American nor patriotic but this man massacared the Germans in World War 2. Just search his name up. I used the song Mad World by Gary Jules. This is my first work, onscreen. I am also creating this independently over the summer. As the title states, will come out fully in August. I know the end is kind of a dead end but I lost the end sequence. I would have re-did it if I could have made the Catmull cameras in the exact same location. Regardless, I’m happy with the trailer. Criticism accepted with open arms. For the record, I used Sony Vegas, Fraps. I used ingame, Catmull.

Edit: Gosh the quality is terrible for some reason! I uploaded it on good settings. I don’t know why it turned out so terribly. I will find a fix, today.

Cheers! :holy:

Well in my opinion a “Trailer” for a Gmod video is extremely unnecessary, okay maybe if you are DJY or Mistermild and it’s going to be a 30 minute machinima.

Apart from that it seems you just “posed” (Mainly just trowing them on the ground) a few ragdolls and than just made catamull fly around.

I think it would be better if you spend more time on actual video than on the trailer.

:wtc: No living people around, only bodies of Americans.

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What do you have against us?

I added in 6 Germans… Only 4 were visible, sadly.

Looks good.
Camera shots done well.
Apart from minor clipping.