Garrys Mod Machinima

I am interested in making a machinima throughout a server and would like some people to help me. I have got a few ideas running, zombie apocalypse, all hope is lost, bunch of survivors, mall. Thats about it. But if I create a server I was wondering if some people would like to join it with me.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Nice avatar by the way.
If you mean is this going to be original, yes. Just a few ideas.

Are you one of those people that considers themselves the “ideas guy?”

I consider myself as one of those, I do all the work because nobody else gives a fuck kind of guy.

Hahah. Btw, I’d be interested in helping if you need it.


why do you even post if you think it sounds boring?
give the guy some respect,

I’m rude heartless motherhumper.

And besides, idea of zombie apocalypse it’s old, very old. It’s older than my socks. I saw lodsa comics about that, and, i bet, there’s more machinimas about that.

yeah but just because its old and unorginal you don’t have to make the guy feel bad,
he maybe could make a awesome Machinima if he gets help… i mean i haven’t seen a good zombie Machinima in gmod yet,

Hey, I want to make Machinima too, let’s make a movie without a script, any knowledge about the plot on a random server and fraps.


To Mr Shipgun AKA Rude piece of shit,

This isnt going to be your average zombie movie, its going to be different, have different elements that stand out from your regular ass zombie film. So, dont be so rude next time.

you do realize how many people claim this, right?

Yes, but me and the people who are helping, im going to try and put originality in the film, not just slow zombies, people who are idiots and dont know what to do. Im going to try and make this original. Im not trying to claim this as mine original idea, just the plot, storyline, characters whatever./

yes, because that’s never been done before

Quit being so fucking full of yourself. Every single one of you people asking for help on a machinima (and who can’t even find the proper section for it) are either abandoning the ship or end up doing shit. Prove me wrong by showing some pictures or an extract.

Hey, just trying to get some ideas flowing, besides if I do that its not going to end up exactly like Dawn Of The Dead.

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Well, for me I hope that wont happen, besides I doubt anyone will show up on the server anyway.

Okay, just answer me: how many times it would be delayed? Just asking.


Do you even know what you are saying?

And if i look at your youtube channel for 3 seconds I know this video is going to be shit aka Generic WMM, 10FPS horrible acting no plot NPC’s running around video.

I think you forgot what forum you’re on.