Garry's Mod Main Menu! please help!

I have a problem about Garry’s Mod
When im open the game the game not show’s the Main Menu
If you want a picture i can put.

but please help! i wanna play this game!

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Try to verify the game cache, it’ll download missing files.

This is not working. its saying that have 14 files and cant fix it.

Delete Local Content and install again (this will erase everything and redownload everything)

I did this a lot of times and this not working.

Do you own the game legally?

Yes I bought the game two days ago I played for fun and suddenly it happened

Well there is clearly something wrong with your installation if when you run Verify Integrity of Game Cache and it says files are missing. Normally straight afterwards it begins the download. I would advise taking pictures and making a new thread in the Help & Support Section @

Look what this telling me about the Vefrity 29 Files Failed to validate and will be reacquired!

Now how to download the files?

It does it automatically.

It’s not downloading. HELP!!!

That should start downloading whatever is missing through Steam as if the game was updating. It just starts automatically.

If it isn’t, reinstall Steam.