Garry's Mod makes a sound and doesn't load

My Garry’s Mod client just loads, and sometimes gets stuck at ‘Initializing Serverside’ or something similar. It gives me a Windows error sound with no visual error message, then it doesn’t respond. I have proof of this happening, and I can’t fix it no matter what I do. I have my launch settings set to “-windowed -noborder” in case that helps, and I also verified my game twice and no help.

Are there any crash dumps (.mdmp files) in SteamApps/GarrysMod? Also, how long has this been happening?

There’s no dumps from the crash, and it’s been happening for 3 days now.

EDIT: Sorry for my late response

Try validating TF2 and any other games you have that are mounted.

Sorry for the late response, but I re-installed Garry’s mod and it still doesn’t start. I validate my TF2 monthly, so I validated it 5 days ago… Still doesn’t work

Try disabling antivirus/any other programs that run when you launch gmod to further isolate the problem.