Garry's Mod makes it's way into a major DVD Release!

Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated
It’s a tribute to The original “Night Of The Living Dead” movie.
Over 100 artists recreate their favorite scenes from the film, in every style of media you can imagine.
Guess which style I used for the* many scenes* I did that made it into the film??? :slight_smile:
The original audio is used, and all submissions are in black and white.
Here’s one of my scenes:
I used the new zombie models that were made by :
Model - Snood
Skins - Mosquito
Sounds - Razor, Lost Soul, Valve
Misc - Rock Lobster
You can go ahead and tear my scenes apart if you must,and you will.
It was a fun project that I’m surprised no one else knew about.

WotS was on DVD. And this thread seems to be self-promotion more than anything. Neither of these are really major releases.

All my stuff is on a DVD, because I burned it there. My Grandma’s wedding is on DVD. That being said, this is not self-promotion, it’s me saying** “Yay Garry’s Mod!”**
Was WOTs reviewed by Fangoria?

Famous Monsters of Filmland?
MrParka Reviews on YouTube?

Is it on Amazon?

Barnes And Noble?

NetFLIX???(Yes, NETFLIX) Night-of-the-Living-Dead-Reanimated/70142848
Nominated by the 2010 Rondo Hatton Awards?

War Of The Servers is epic as epic can be, don’t get me wrong, but this IS really a DVD release.
(P.S. Owned)

P.S. Owned doesnt help anything.

I know. Just had to throw it in though,dickish as it was. And nothing needs help.
Case closed.

This should be in a movie theater

Just put on my netflix queue

It already has been. Several. :slight_smile:

Until 150 people do that, you wont get it. :frowning: But hey, it’s there!
And I forgot,MacTrekkie
FYE too, LOL
Also, it’s out there as a fully sanctioned free torrent, and soon to be free regular download. (You just don’t get all the cool extras that came with the dvd…I got 3 copies at “Artist Price” )

I guess enough people requested it on Netflix, because it will be available 10/05/2010. :golfclap:

P.S. I get no money for this. This project was done for the love of the movie. All sales go to making the DVDs and advertising, and paying Wild Eye Releasing.
You should watch the original Night of the Living Dead before you see this. If you don’t want to buy it, there’s going to be a free download coming soon; Or get it from Netflix and burn it. :zombie:

There is a reason why WotS wasn’t on amazon or any other internet store.
Thats because WotS was free.

Very true. You can’t charge “zero” for something.

They charged postage and materials. So they were technically charging nothing.

Jeuss christ that was bad


BoSchit, or another good Gmod movie maker needs something like this.

No, they don’t. It’s a retarded concept and boSchit isn’t even that good, all he has made revolves around the “lol so randum ^_______________________^” shit which just won’t sell unless it is marketed at 13 year olds with their parents credit cards.

I disagree, he actually has a degree of comic skill which is more than can be said for 75% of gmod skit makers nowadays.

Admittedly he was one of the first and put some thought into his kits. But it’s the idiots he spawned that think they can be the next BoSchit that caused me to hate him.

I watched some of your scenes, and to be honest, they weren’t really that good.
It seems as if little effort was put into them, and the only real reason that you made this thread was to brag about how “cool” you are for making it into a dvd. Also, randomly throwing in “Ps owned” when you haven’t really owned someone just makes you seem like an asshole and an idiot.
In fact, this entire thread makes me think of you as an ass.

Let’s see how many people calls me jelous.

your scene was god awful.

That was absolutely cringe worthy.

Edit: This is not something to brag about.

PS: our DVD cover for WOTS was nicer.

Thread image is a lie.

But in all seriousness, after actually watching your scene, I must say: A little bit of me died inside. Let me break it down so this is not just senseless flaming.

  1. You used “live” actors. That never looks good, especially the jumping. Why was that guy hitting a mattress with a crowbar?

  2. Whatever recording software you used, don’t. The framerate was bad. Very bad. It did not enhance the feel of the film, either, so don’t bother saying that.

  3. Igniter is not good for making fires. You should have used particle effects.

  4. What the fuck was up with the truck going forwards and backwards? Nausea.

  5. People were running through fire and sitting inside a truck while fire was raging all inside and around it(another problem with igniter tool) and not getting hurt.

Those are the major ones. I’ll let lack of actual video quality slide, because you used google video. Which is the #1 provider of low quality videos. I’ll edit the post if I can think of more.