Garry's Mod - Making a bin model acts as if its a whole model?

Hello Facepunch,

I’ve been having this issue for a long while now, I’d saw at least 3 months as I’ve kept coming back to Blender and I’ve kept on trying to solve this issue. The reason what keeps nothing me is when I manage to fully export the model,and then I spawn it inside of Garry’s Mod it’s completely fine until I trying and put another prop inside of it.

What do you mean inside of it? ;o

What I mean is, lets say we model our own box, you can simply put things inside of that box and take them out right? But no! For some reason even though you can see on the model it’s an open box, it just doesn’t let me put a can inside of it, it acts as if it has another face.

Can someone please help me with regarding this issue, what’s preventing me putting cans inside the box I modeled.

Thanks for reading, I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me. <3

Yeah, that’s my exact issue! But when I make a collision model is still doesn’t let me, I wonder what’s causing this ;o

Please, provide us your QC, some screenshots of the model in-game/hlmv with show physics enabled, and maybe the files so we can help you.