Garry's Mod Manager

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to present you a program I made, it’s called “Garry’s Mod Manager”.
First released 2010 (only in German) there were many Versions of this program.
But now there is finally a english one, which I want to show you here.

First of all, a Screenshot: Mod%20Manager/preview.gif

BUT, what is this for?

Like its name, this program is made to install addons, update them, manage and more.
You can also install maps, dupefiles, gamemodes and got it? Manage them :P.

It replaces Tortoise SVN, a own SVN-Client is fully integrated.

I made a Tutorial, but its not the best, because i’m german and my english sucks :):

But i hope it can help you to understand how to use it.
(May someone could help me making a better english one?)

The Program can be directly downloaded here:’s%20Mod%20Manager%20Setup.exe
(.NET Framework 4 is required and will be automatically installed.)

Greetz and have fun!


If you want to join it’s Steam-Group, go there:
Want more? Visit my Website: (but there’s not much content yet :P)

Looks good.
Already thought this would be something bad, but actually pretty cool.

I…I love you…

Looks very professional, well done

I think this is the first Addon manager that actually looks user friendly. However, people are going to bitch and moan about not having the source code

…Makes me remember about Go-Mod…

If someone really wants the Source code, he can ask me, or beeing a smartass and get it otherwise.
But however, as long as i get credit for it, there won’t be a problem for giving parts of it away.


Useful tools arranged in a well organized UI. All I have to say is good job.

Actually, I have some design suggestions if you’re interested and I could make icons for you, etc.
So yeah I’d be glad to help but I understand if you don’t want me to.

If you want just contact me via pm or email (in program).

I believe GMod13 makes most of those features redundant… If I ever stop playing the beta and fall back to GMod12, I will make sure to come here again though.

I recently get some addons reported as broken, which isn’t correct.
Due a bug in the Svn Downloader it sometimes doesn’t handles right, if a addon with the same name is already installed (While trying to install a NEW addon).
If you get an error while downloading, please check first, if the addon is maybe already installed (as on svn addon or smth).

The bug above should be fixed now, if a addon is un-downloadable, you will see an error message which describes the reason.

It works, it’s easy to use and it looks good. Also your english is way better than my german so the tutorial is easy to follow.

Thanks for implementing E2. Now it looks even better with that gradient background :slight_smile:

Workshop probably won’t suit the exact needs of people. Indeed, I don’t see an awful lot of gamemodes getting on there, much less content packs for servers.

I just released a new Version (8.3), see changes here:

I think this will be the last update before Gmod 13 arrives, then i know everything will break.

But i hope it’s not the end of Garry’s Mod Manager, some Addons still will need SVN because Workshop is no Option for them.

So at this point implementing Workshop would be the next logical step, but as i looked around, there is no offical api which would make this possible.
Maybe anyone used the opensteamworks api and could help me using it (if it works) for steam workshop implementation??

This is just awesome work. I could only dream of making something like this. I don’t care how good your English is, I’ll watch the tutorial. I might even make a better one myself.

Amazing work.

I. Love. You.

Dude. Yes. Thank you so much.