Garry's Mod map edit - bug's / problem with skybox?

Hi Facepunch, I really need help.
I tried to edit one rp map from Garry’s Mod to make some special rooms but when i run this map it makes some problems.
I don’t know how to describe my problem or search for it, so i show you these pictures:

I only opened the map with the Hammer Editor and run it.


Are you saying you used bspsrc to convert a map to vfm, then opened it in Hammer?

The problem in the 2nd screenshot is probably due to texturing one side of a brush and leaving the other one untextured. I don’t really know how your map is set up. Show a picture of it in Hammer

I used an other converter, but i will try it with the bspsrc

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This is a picture of it in Hammer:

Above the skybox:

It looks like those buildings go above the skybox… What?

No, the skybox is only very low.
other side of the building:

Trying to recompile decompiled maps is going to lead to serious problems like the ones you’re probably already running into (I think you have a leak, for instance). You really shouldn’t do it, because it’s disrespectful to the original author and causes a host of hard to find errors.

oke thx for help