Garry's Mod Maps will Not Download

Hey guys, I have a server running DarkRP and no matter what custom map I run it on, even while it’s resource.addFiled, no one can download it

I tested it myself and it basicly says it’s downloading the map, and it goes really fast and when it’s done it says “Missing map maps/blah.bsp”

Any way to fix this? No matter what I do everyone has this problem on my server.

Server IP:

Incase you want to test it out.

Try using a different map version or even a different map? I’ve had this happen when the client map for some reason isn’t the same version and spits out an error like this. And instead of using resource.AddFile just for a map… use the command “net_maxfilesize 64”… if the map’s size in MegaBytes is less then or equal to 64. If it’s greater, don’t let them download it from the server… it’s just a waste of bandwidth.

It’s 34 megabit

And no matter what map I do it does the same thing.


Problems like this can occur often, just keep trying until you finally get it.