Garry's Mod memory leak

Recently when I play gmod, After few minutes (15+), the game reach a point where it takes WAY to much RAM, usually OVER 2.7 GB! (can reach over 3.2 GB of RAM, then my computer just crawls)
I have 4GB RAM.

This is obviously a critical memory leak. How do I fix it?

What map have you been playing? Have you been running any other applications / games in background asynchronously with Garry’s mod? What is your OS and your specs?

I wasn’t aware the client could even access that much ram?

It happened on gm_construct, and also in some Basewars server.
I usually close all the other applications because of this, so I’ll have a bit more ram that will buy me time.

Mt gear is:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-2400
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000