Garry's Mod menu and prop menu don't appear

hi again, i decided to start this thread so that this problem may be fixed once and for all, my problem is that when i start gmod it appears to load fine but then the main menu text is not shown, and if i move the mouse around i can hear sounds like buttons are being hoverd over. In game if i press the “q” button to shot the prop menu then i cannot see anything apart from a few random boxex, if i click randomly it spawns props or changes the tool gun to anything from the ballon gun to the wheel gun etc… I cant post screenies of this problem yet as i am away from my home computer.

I had this problem, update your video drivers.

I also have a problem like this:

Thanks for the advice but my video drivers are up to date, I do think the problem lies with my card not supporting Direct X 9, how would I find out what the highest level my card supports is?

This is what i see on the main menu.


By the way where would I find out what was said in the console, like a crash dump. Because I cannot see anything apart from the HUD and sometimes random squares