Garry's Mod menu & Direct X problem

so a while back i had a problem where it was very difficult to understand the menu in my garry’s mod. and recently, another where i cant play gmod on direct X 11. it keeps either reverting to direct x 8 or 9. it wont let me play on 11.
my drivers are up to date, i have restarted my PC multiple times, i even put -dxlevel 110 in the launch options, but this just causes gmod to revert to direct X 8

these problems are really starting to get to me. please, any help would be appreciated, i love gmod and this is a real bummer

Afaik, GMod doesn’t support dx11.

-dxlevel 95 is the max it can handle

As Blaze said, gmod doesnt do dx11.

Also the error’s where you cant read settings seem to stem from a broken language / ui file, see if verifying fixes that