Garrys mod menu problem not seen the letters :c

hello all, I have a serious problem with this game “Garrys mod” I have it original, when incio when going for facepunch and is carrying things in passing that stage to enter the game does not see the letters, but if the background, sandbox, languages ​​and version :frowning: help me, when I click ‘Verify integrity of the game cache’ tells me missing 34 files and start downloading some 12.1 MB, but the thing that I run again and I still have the problem, do the same step again to ‘Verify integrity of the game cache’ and says again “missing 34 files” and start downloading the same file of 12.1 mb, not if I understood D: sorry help me

Delete any GMod folders in steamapps/common or steamapps/(username) and reinstall.