Garrys Mod Menu Stuck

So i am having a problem with my Garrys Mod. When i try to connect to a server i get to “Retrieving Server Info” and i am able to download the files, but then it just locks up and it barely ever makes it to “Sending Client Info.” When it does the spawn menu is messed up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Gmod, restarted steam, and restarted my PC. I’m stuck on what to do. Any Ideas?

Here are 2 pictures of what it looks like: and

do you have a ram drive with little space? that looks like a ram drive problem.

it appears to be a graphics card problem too, (first picture of the circle thing around the G, its all pixaled and stuff.

i got 3 gigs of ram.

  1. It’s a RAM stick.
  2. How the fuck is that a RAM problem?
  3. It’s all pixelated because it’s a damn jpeg.

To OP, try updating your drivers.

my drivers are updated


at least my gpu drivers are updated