Garry's Mod Menus and Frozen Mouse?

So, I’ve been getting Gmod up and running once more recently, and everything seemed fine, Until I opened up the Context and Props and Ping/Players menus, then I noticed: My mouse isn’t moving… I can still click on things, but I cannot move the mouse whatsoever. Mouse moves fine on the Main Menu and Pause Menus, though, it’s just these three menus that seem to be giving me a big problem with an unmoving mouse. As you know, some game modes have it to where you have to mess with said context menus (I.E. Gmod Tower), so it’s really frustrating.
Any help would be greatly appreciated on this issue.

You could alternatively use tab (scoreboard) or open your chatbox, that brings up your mouse.

And whenever it brings up the mouse for scoreboard, it’s frozen, it’s what I meant by the Ping/Players Menu, sorry. ^^’. Seems to work fine for chat, though, which is strange.

Holding C should work too, depending on the gamemode.

The C key is the Context menu key, if you didn’t know, and it doesn’t, I have tired, still frozen in place.

So, I found out the solution, and I am going to post it here for anyone else who needs the solution. The issue was with the laptop trackpad, and a setting within it called PalmCheck. To fix it Go to Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items >>Mouse>>Device settings>>select touchpad(and turn it on if it’s disabled)>>settings>>ACM Technology>>Palmcheck>>set slider to off, and that should fix it!