|Garrys Mod| Missing Map <mapname>, disconnecting ANY HELP?!

Guys, i dont know Anymore what to do!

I will say it Shortly:
-IE Default Browser
-IE Settings Set
-InGame Console: cl_allowdownload 1
-InGame Console: cl_downloadfilter all
-InGame Settings: Settings -> Multiplayer -> Allow all Custom Files from Server
-Steam Checked Game Data
-Steam Cloud Activated
-CSS Content + Maps: Check
-HL2+ Content + Maps: Check
-HL2EP1 Content + Maps: Check
-HL2EP2 Content + Maps: Check
-Portal Content + Maps: Check
-Team Fortress 2 Mount? : Check

My Garrys Mod CFG: http://www.file-upload.net/download-9711655/config.cfg.html

I dont … know What to do Anymore?! :frowning:

Anyone knows an Solution?


You gotta download the map manually because the server owner doesn’t wanna use fastDL, get it either by workshop or garrysmod.org

The server owner is a piece of shit who edited the map and didn’t rename it, if he did that, tell him he’s shit.

Oh i Forgot:
This is in the Console (As Spam):

 Uncaught Error: NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8

And the Server Owner is a Very Big Minigame Server (DarkerGaming.com)


Could Windows 10 (Technical Preview) cause them Errors? I dont think so  :O

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#push dayum

Are you out of hard drive space?

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Can’t tell you how many fucking times I wanna hang myself when I see people do this shit. I’d honestly hang myself… and then hang myself again after already having hung myself.

Anyways go to your garrysmod/maps folder and delete the map if it is there. If its not then check garrysmod/download/maps/ if it’s not there then delete everything inside the garrysmod/downloads/ folder.

If that still doesn’t fix it then manually download the map from the workshop or garrysmod.org. Also make sure you have enough hard drive space for it.

You will have to figure out the map name kinda like theluker said and look it up on workshop and get it manually. Tell the server owner to use these codes with his server map.

resource.AddFile ( "Dir" )

resource.AddWorkshop ( "Workshop ID" )

If he does not know how to use either of those or fastDL tell him to look it up because it is easy and players will need it to download the content from the server such as textures or some maps and other helpful enjoyable content.