Garry's mod missing.

I tried to join a server and it said I didn’t own the game, so I restarted steam and then
Garry’s mod literally disappeared from my library. Yes I own it. I have over 4,500 hours clocked in my account.

Same problem


Same here. It seems to be with the GMod + CS:S bundle. You probably lost access to CS:S too if you have the bundle.

No, I bought it separated. I still have CS:S.

Its back i seems. Im going to see if it works.
EDIT never mind it says purchase :frowning:

Must be both then.


Yep Counter strike is missing too.

General GMod and its bundles then.

What the hell could cause everyones bundles to disappear.

Welcome to Valve/Steam. Please enjoy your stay.

Did valve remove the bundles?

doesn’t make sense though :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope we get something nice out of this if it’s long term.
Or just something nice, because I was working on stuff and now everything stopped working.

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The bundles are still there.

The GMod/CS:S bundle is still for sale so I don’t think so.

Found a reddit post though its old some one else had a similar problem.

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Multiple people have the problem so it’s most likely not a problem on our end so there isn’t much we can do about it.

I just checked my gmod and it say i don’t own it… I bought it in the CSS pack yet my CSS was there… Upon trying to run CSS it started converting the game so if this is down something like SteamPipe or something like that I dunno…

CS:S moved to SteamPipe a while ago.

That bastard, rubbing it in my face.