Garry's Mod Mod of the year

Its just 4 days to finish the Nominated mod of the year , lets get him again, like 2005

First win

Now you can vote again Just click the green bar

Done, just voted for it.

Voted, might want to add to OP that you don’t need to register, because i know a lot of people wouldn’t bother if you had to.


We need to get this game at the top. Free publicity!

Mod of the Decade


Not going to vote. Until the new GMod update comes out, there’s nothing changed recently that’s worthy of an award. I’m not helping give garry something he hasn’t earned.

This year didn’t bring lots of new mods. But like every year I vote for Garry’s Mod!


Regardless, I was there playing all year long. Voted.

That’s a little ungrateful isn’t it?..

No it serves me right for being a lazy prick