Garry's Mod Model porting Advice/Tutorials?

Hey the amazing Community of Facepunch! (lol jk)

I’ve been modelling (porting wtf am i talking about) for Valve games since 2010. And i still havent figured out how to Head Hack i believe thats what its called? (Porting heads from other Valve games, Like BMS or HL2 with working Face Flex i assume)
Another question i’ve got is, Is there some way to Apply Valve’s Skeleton bone to a mesh? For me i’d have to Rescale the bones etc etc, to get it to fit my mesh. (Not like, scale the skeleton to be bigger. Just, Scale it to fit the arms and fingers) but after i compile, The models jacked up, any way to do it right?

Also, Any good Bodygroup Tutorials? I Seem to have forgot that too.

The simpilist way to Adding Bodygroup. Is Make each model (say you’re working on a model, that has Gear.) Make something idk. Like the Helmet a seperate model. Rig everything export it. Export the Helmet as its own .smd

And do it like this

$bodygroup Helmet
          studio "Body.smd"    
          studio "Helmet.smd"    

Im sure i fucked something up. it’s been years since i’ve done anything with Valve. Its been years since i’ve used Facepunch. Just logged on to check out whats changed

this should be enough to cover bodygroups -$bodygroup

Thanks man, i forgot to google everything

Thanks brother. Welcome back