Garrys Mod "models" and "sound" folders misssing, help!

The first thing I did was delete my second garrysmod folder, then I started Garry’s Mod up (when you delete the second garrysmod folder and then start Garrys mod up, the folder and its contents usually regenerate) and everything seemed normal. I then went back into the second Garrys mod folder and everything was there except for the “sounds” and “models” folders. Now whenever I try to download models and sounds from a server, the models and sounds don’t download. How do i get the models and sounds folders back, and have everything working/downloading again!!

Things I tried:

1.) Uninstalling, Didn’t work

2.) Creating “models” and “sounds” folders, Didn’t work

I already emptied my recycling bin.

All help is appreciated

Delete the whole gmod folder and reinstall it and it should work.

The one before the second one?:zoid: