Garrys Mod modification control

I run Gmod on my computer fine with just the base install, however I like to play it with mods, as they massively improve it. My favorite mods are the spacebuild series (CAF, LS3, ect), and the Stargate series (Avons Pack, SG mod, and Mckays Pack). I also have wire, adv dupe and the standard stuff. My computer is a laptop and it struggles to run gmod WITH all those mods running at once. I rarely use all the mods at once, so does anyone know of a tool that can toggle mods on and off from within the game, without having to manually cut and paste them back and forth. If one does not exist, could/does anyone know how to make one. Surely all it would have to do is stop gmod from accessing certain folders?

Thanks in anticipation

Sorry why is this dumb, is this an unreasonable request?

It’s dumb mostly because you are too lazy to copy paste. Last time I check having more mods doesn’t slow down your PC. I understand it being a slow load, but not a slower PC. So in any case, just copy paste them. Nobody is gonna be arsed to make a program…

2 things, firstly, we are talking 1 GB + worth of addon here…

Secondly, yes, if you have several large addons at once, for example CAF, and AvoNs stargate mod, LS3, then yes, on less powerful computers, it has a detrimental affect on ingame performance (as in framerates).

Either way, if its 2 hard to do, then never mind.

Your HDD must be small then. Most HDDs can hold about AT LEAST 100+ GBs. Mine has about 500, although I do cut down on programs…

So unless you have every program imaginable on your computer, your computer should be able to handle a couple more GBs.

He means that they lag his computer when he is playing Garrys mod with all of these addons installed. The only way is to remove them each time. I would advise however getting a better PC and maybe deleting some unneccessary addons.

Custom Addon Framework works for me, but I have NO IDEA where it came from.

No need to copy paste, just rename their info.txt to info.txt.disabled or something.