Garrys Mod Mounting

I have read articles to mount a css in garysmod
Unfortunately it does I EVER work.

This is my command line for the mount.cfg

// “cstrike” “/home/gsp_2/”


i have try

// “cstrike” “garrysmod/cstrike”


No workings proprely i have alloways time message for refered me to thiswebsite

Im very lost at tthis moment …
Please help

Additional information

System: Ubuntu 12.04
Pannel : Gsp_PAnel

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Please move to correct section place thanks

Get rid of the “//”


the “//” bits are comments, lines the start with a // aren’t fully read, you need to comment the line for it to work, as you can see the commented line turns green which here means it won’t be read, ie

"cstrike"	"/home/gsp_2/"

and NOT

// "cstrike"	"/home/gsp_2/"

(that is, if the path is right, you still need the correct path)

i have try and is not working ? :’(

then maybe the path is wrong, and are you sure you removed the // from the start of the line? be totally sure

works thanks buddy Solved