Garry's mod - Movie community!

Hello forum,

As you can see on the topic, I want to make a move-making community. I want to gather a few people like a team, and make random Gmod movies (we will discuss what movies it will be). It can for example be Random movies, a story, a short movie, something fun etc.
If you have anything to ask about, please PM me or write below. Else you can try to join here:

We will of course make our own group later. This is just for recruitment.

Please do NOT apply or ask to join, if:

  • You don’t have time.
  • You won’t take it seriously (when we have to).
  • You are new to gmod.
  • You don’t want to download any content for your gmod (addons etc.).
  • You can’t speak fluent english.
  • You don’t have a mic (since we will be talking too).

Else, you can come with your awesome humor and lets mix something up! :wink:
- Have a nice day!

It’d be good to see if you have made videos before, people aren’t going to join and work on something unless if they know whoever they are going to be working with has some experience with movie-making before.