Garry's Mod Movie Help


I want to do some funny movies with Garry’s Mod.
I have two things that makes the movie bad, the first thing is that a “Owner” sign appears when i point my guns on a ragdoll/prop, and the other thing is that a “Prop identifier-thing” also appears when i am pointing at a ragdoll/prop.

How do I disable/enable the two signs? (or what they are called :S) <— Look here to understand what i’m talking about


Try going into Camera Mode maybe

Uninstall simple prop protection, and the second thing might be a console command.

Okay, to uninstall simple prop protection worked. Now it’s just the second “sign”, the one to the left… Any ideas?

I need to move the ragdolls with the physgun, so I put out a camera and disabled the beam for the physgun…

Okay! I’ve solved the problem! It was my hud that was messing around… -.-’ Well Thanks :smiley: